DailyVibes 1.9.16


You have come so far, or more precisely, so close that now is the time to take the big step. I know, you thought the work was done, all that clearing and cleaning, all that letting go. Yup. Good job! But it´s only been the beginning, clearing up the mundane to get to the core.

Today we are with new moon in Virgo joined with a solar eclipse. High demand and very high stakes. Superficial is peanuts to this energy, the pressure will not ease with maneuvering tactics or a game plan. The only way to play this hand is to show all your cards. Open up to the unnerving truth that there are still old habits and thought patterns that don´t suit the situation any more. To surrender to the fact that you do not yet know, that you may not be in charge, not the way you thought or wanted to be.

All morning I´ve been playing catch with these metaphors of how to describe the current energies. The one I´m gonna go with now is the garlic clove. You know how you peel a garlic clove, place it under the flat side of the knife and smash it? The peel breaks and the stink and juice comes rushing out. The action of peeling is not gentle, but it´s fast. Sure, we could sit there slowly picking at the peel, bit by bit removing it. Getting the splinter-like fragments stuck underneath our nails. And finally having the clove in our hands, rub it to fragrant and juicy, but come on! That´s just gonna take ages, and there´s no time to nurture and fondle the old any more, not even how comfortable it may feel. And here´s the good news! There´s no need to take for forever, we are ready.

Beware the vampires of our past, of our out dated thought patterns and beliefs, our control freak fantasies of the future! The garlic is fresh and potent!

Check this out for a moment. Which of these scenarios truly shakes you? That you may fail in being awesome, or that you may be so fricking unbelievably awesome that you don´t even realise? That you could truly be happy? But that happiness and awesomeness is locked behind all the plans and desires and sure shot routes that you have built for yourself. You hold the key. It´s right there in your heart. If you just let the fear and disappointment and sorrow crack open, the key is right there. Are you ready to chance it by letting all go and seeing into your true potential?

Enjoy the ride honeys, the view´s looking good ❤

No cards today, just vibes.

Finny translation laters 😉


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