Ladies and gentlemen, pardon me for keeping quiet for a while. That said, back with quite a spread. Had to take a lil head stand to clear my thoughts on this one. First of all I´m getting a feeling that today´s dealings have a lot to do with authority figures and how we swing with […]

  We´ve probably all heard the definition of insanity. To repeat the same thing over and over but expect a different result. If you find yourself on the threshold of this classic mad house take a step back and re-evaluate your situation and tactics. There´s no sugar coating it, disappointment sucks! And what most often […]

You have come so far, or more precisely, so close that now is the time to take the big step. I know, you thought the work was done, all that clearing and cleaning, all that letting go. Yup. Good job! But it´s only been the beginning, clearing up the mundane to get to the core. […]

  See that little baby of a tree in the cross of this giant´s roots? That´s what today´s vibes are all about! The protected new beginning. Take a look at your life, all the projects you´ve been working on lately. Can you see something that has come to completion? Todays cards suggest that something you´ve been […]

  Many times I have wondered if anyone gets to be at the exact line where rain and shine meet, just now I had that pleasure. On the right side the sky was clear and blue, smiling with sunshine and on the left it was pouring rain and thundering. I was looking at this dividing line […]

Step away from the magnifying glass! There are times when it´s truly needed to look at the details, dissect and separate. To refine the small print and understand the tone and nuance of all the pieces. If we constantly concentrate on the details we may loose perspective, it might be hard to understand how this […]

  Try something new! Remember that enthusiasm that you felt as a child, when discovering something  new, when learning. Let yourself follow that child like enthusiasm that may arise during your day, and lead you where ever it wants to. Often times we are so eager to dictate our experiences, our growth, that we actually […]

  How apt for me to draw these two cards for today. I´ve been reading cards for a while now and last night when I was doing a session with a friend of mine I realized maybe now could be the time that I wave out my Unicorn Healer´s cape and came out of the […]

I was doing my morning practice a couple of days ago and was able to get my body into an asana that for years I thought probably physically unaccessible for me. It made me feel happy. Will getting into this pose make you a better person? You´ve probably heard a teacher ask this in class, […]

Dry hot wind blowing, sweeping over the cracks of the land. Covering me in it´s red dust.  Folding, taking me in. The chant of Dreamworld pulling me deeper, connecting me with the ancient. The infinite, the constantly evolving unchangeable. The didgeridoo sinks me deeper and deeper. Stripping away my conscious. Leading me into the oneness, […]