Today´s theme is in direct continuance of yesterday´s vibes. Yesterday we were called to broaden our vision and see the bigger picture, today we are invited to go a bit further. For some reason I feel it important to state that I am not an oracle of any kind, I´m not predicting anything. I am […]

Step away from the magnifying glass! There are times when it´s truly needed to look at the details, dissect and separate. To refine the small print and understand the tone and nuance of all the pieces. If we constantly concentrate on the details we may loose perspective, it might be hard to understand how this […]

  Try something new! Remember that enthusiasm that you felt as a child, when discovering something  new, when learning. Let yourself follow that child like enthusiasm that may arise during your day, and lead you where ever it wants to. Often times we are so eager to dictate our experiences, our growth, that we actually […]

  Today´s vibes are short and sweet. Stay on your own journey, truthfully, without comparison. By accepting where you are on your personal path right now is the only way to grow. You are perfect just as you are.  No matter how much you grow, there will be weakness, it´s the yin to our yang, […]

  There´s a sure shot way to abundance and it is through feeling. Sounds a bit hippy, idealistic and law of attractiony? Sure it does, and it is. But hear me out. We have feelings, desires which for some of us more than for others lead our way. They shape our values, affect the decisions we […]

  What if I told you you deserve everything good and beautiful you ever dreamed of? Would you believe me? Maybe. But do you believe it when you state this to yourself? That´s what matters. You knowing that you are worthy all of your dreams coming true. Isn´t it? Often it seems that in our […]

  Shed some love to the small and frail side of yourself. We are kind of pre-programmed to act like heroes of one sort or the other. To be strong, happy, energetic, smart… go ahead and continue the list. But that´s never the whole picture. We are small, frail, insecure and lost every now and […]

  How apt for me to draw these two cards for today. I´ve been reading cards for a while now and last night when I was doing a session with a friend of mine I realized maybe now could be the time that I wave out my Unicorn Healer´s cape and came out of the […]

I was doing my morning practice a couple of days ago and was able to get my body into an asana that for years I thought probably physically unaccessible for me. It made me feel happy. Will getting into this pose make you a better person? You´ve probably heard a teacher ask this in class, […]