Ok, so isn´t it somehow apt how the numbers fall on this date… We can dig up so many meanings to this but the one I´m gonna ride with is the sum number nine. The number of karma, the beginning of endings. I´m not going to go into too much commentary about the U.S. election here, […]

  We´ve probably all heard the definition of insanity. To repeat the same thing over and over but expect a different result. If you find yourself on the threshold of this classic mad house take a step back and re-evaluate your situation and tactics. There´s no sugar coating it, disappointment sucks! And what most often […]

You have come so far, or more precisely, so close that now is the time to take the big step. I know, you thought the work was done, all that clearing and cleaning, all that letting go. Yup. Good job! But it´s only been the beginning, clearing up the mundane to get to the core. […]

  Hold that thought! Today´s cards are rooting for big, swift change. If there´s a problem, a question that you´ve been pondering upon, today just might be the day you´ll find your answer. The trick would be to let yourself completely concentrate on one thing. Let your mind kind of single track for a while. […]

  Can you see the sun shining through the eye of the storm? Often times when we are amidst great change it is easy to get caught up in the turbulence. To loose sight of what is right in front of you and instead try and see what is ahead. This causes confusion and doubt. […]

  Many times I have wondered if anyone gets to be at the exact line where rain and shine meet, just now I had that pleasure. On the right side the sky was clear and blue, smiling with sunshine and on the left it was pouring rain and thundering. I was looking at this dividing line […]

  Try something new! Remember that enthusiasm that you felt as a child, when discovering something  new, when learning. Let yourself follow that child like enthusiasm that may arise during your day, and lead you where ever it wants to. Often times we are so eager to dictate our experiences, our growth, that we actually […]

  Today´s vibes are short and sweet. Stay on your own journey, truthfully, without comparison. By accepting where you are on your personal path right now is the only way to grow. You are perfect just as you are.  No matter how much you grow, there will be weakness, it´s the yin to our yang, […]

  There´s a sure shot way to abundance and it is through feeling. Sounds a bit hippy, idealistic and law of attractiony? Sure it does, and it is. But hear me out. We have feelings, desires which for some of us more than for others lead our way. They shape our values, affect the decisions we […]

  How apt for me to draw these two cards for today. I´ve been reading cards for a while now and last night when I was doing a session with a friend of mine I realized maybe now could be the time that I wave out my Unicorn Healer´s cape and came out of the […]