I was doing my morning practice a couple of days ago and was able to get my body into an asana that for years I thought probably physically unaccessible for me. It made me feel happy. Will getting into this pose make you a better person? You´ve probably heard a teacher ask this in class, […]

Dry hot wind blowing, sweeping over the cracks of the land. Covering me in it´s red dust.  Folding, taking me in. The chant of Dreamworld pulling me deeper, connecting me with the ancient. The infinite, the constantly evolving unchangeable. The didgeridoo sinks me deeper and deeper. Stripping away my conscious. Leading me into the oneness, […]

Roughly a week ago I was going bananas on the bare thought of sharing my personal space. Late Saturday night we curbed into the front yard of our “shut the front door and loose the keys forever” beautiful villa. I peeked into the bedroom and held my breath for a while. Oh sheet, One sheet! So […]

This summer is building up to be an exciting one. We´re travelling to Bali with a friend of mine. And we´re sharing the bed. I was going on a full on freak-out about this a couple of days ago. I´m used to travelling by myself. Living by myself. Deciding for myself. And to sleep next […]

So you made some extravagant New Year´s resolutions at the crack of the year. Got excited about them for about fifteen minutes and then they all went to the pooper. A new diet. A new exercise regimen- does lying on the sofa and watching Netflix very intently count?! I´m totally with you on this one. […]

Honey Darling! It´s me, your Intuition here. I´ve been trying to get through to you for a good while here, but your line seems to be busy pretty much all the time. What´s up? The thing is I´m here for you, for you to use me whenever you want to, but it seems lately when […]

I´ve always been a larger than life dreamer. Why not, it´s been working for me just fine. Until lately. I´ve been all kinds of confused with my dreams and visions not panning out like I´m used to, thinking that something is broken. And something is. The old is broken, it´s gone, it does´t serve me […]

BlueYoga If you´ve been feeling all kinds of intense lately, fret not. It´s happening all around, you are truly not alone!                               The super charged vibes that the Full Supermoon in Pisces on Saturday set in motion has brought up the […]

It seems like lately since the emphasis in yoga through social media has been heavily leaning on very extravagant poses, handstands in all their variations, heavy backbends, extreme flexibility, the very foundational poses have been kinda left in the back burner and are mostly referred to as being warm up, not a practice in itself. […]

For those running around summer days when you really don´t want to spend too much time in the heat of the kitchen, but still want to enjoy a healthy snack or lunch, check this smoothie out! In the cooling down of the evening steam a good amount of carrots and beets. Let them cool off […]